Thank you for visiting our website.  You have taken the first step towards discovering the Team Focus experience.  At Team Focus, our entire staff believes in the ability to utilize the benefits of the martial arts to develop exemplary individuals. For over 16 years, Team Focus has had the privilege of becoming an integral part, not only of our students’ lives, but their entire family. Please take a moment to explore the countless possibilities of what your family can achieve by becoming a part of ours!

What Makes Team Focus Special?

USSD is the only Martial Arts school in the State of California that has received an ORI number by the Department of Justice to perform Level 2 Fingerprint based background checks on all staff members

Every Instructor is First Aid/CPR Certified

Video surveillance is located in the studio for the student’s safety

All Instructors attend The Academy of Martial Arts Instruction and Management for up to two years, including internship

Instructors meet weekly and attend educational seminars in order to continuously provide students with the most progressive training possible

Students receive personalized lessons to allow full comprehension of the techniques while they grow at their own pace

Testing is done when the student is ready and not based upon a time limit or group majority

An Empowerment program is included in the curriculum to assist parents and teachers in developing well-rounded individuals

Fun events and programs are included for the entire family

TF has created a not for profit organization (501c3) Team Focus for Freedom that provides funding, rehabilitative and educational programs to eradicate the trafficking of minors in California

Your Children Are Worth the Difference

Make Your Training Memorable

Individualized Lessons:
If all children are unique, shouldn’t their training be?  To us, Martial Arts is more than a ‘sport’; it is an invaluable skill set.  Individualized lessons allow our students to learn and develop at a level that they can thrive in.  It also gives us the privilege to get to know our students in order to assist them with their personal growth at home and at school.

Self-Defense Class:
The entire family can get in on the action with a free self-defense lesson that is included with enrollment.  Martial Arts may not be for everyone, but teaching basic self-defense skills to keep our TF families safe and aware is! A time will be scheduled at your convenience to instruct as many family members as you would like to learn potentially life-saving techniques!

Empowerment Program:
The Instructors of Team Focus believe that it is our mission to not only provide exemplary martial arts training, but develop well-rounded, confident individuals.   Therefore, we have created an Empowerment program that will focus on the practical matters of being accomplished and happy in all aspects of life.  Each week, our students will discuss a “Life Lesson” and how to apply its principles at home and at school.   

Parent Conferences:
Please know that our Instructors are always available to discuss your child’s training and methods in which we can assist you and your family with whatever needs are required.   Whether it is improved focus, listening skills, self-confidence, school performance, etc., we are equipped to support your needs.  We will also e mail, call, or speak with you in person regarding the progression of your child’s training on a regular basis.

Study Area:
Each of our four schools are furnished with an area for our students to have a more focused environment to do their homework.  It is available at any time the studio is open; there is no time limit or extra cost.  It is equipped with desks, lighting, and all supplies to help your child accomplish their task.

Not For Profit:
Team Focus for Freedom is our 501c3 organization that provides financial support and programming for the prevention and rehabilitation for those at risk and the survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery in the United States.  We will be happy to inform you which events may be tax deductible.