Professionally Trained:
In order to become a USSD Team Focus Instructor, every staff member must graduate from our Academy of Martial Arts Management and Training Program.  This is a full time educational and ‘hands on’ program with internship that provides detailed training on instructing students in the martial arts and life skills.  Instructors graduate with the knowledge to provide the ideal methods based in how each student learns as well as the privilege to instruct those students with special needs.

Red Belts:
Instructors that wear Red Belts are those that are in the ‘internship’ phase of their education. They are considered the highest rank under a black belt and are afforded the respect akin to one.

Live Scan Level 2 Fingerprint-Based Background Checked/CPR and First Aid Certified:
Every member of our staff is CPR and First Aid Certified and background checked before joining our team. There are also cameras equipped in the studio to provide additional assurance to our families that their children are learning in a safe and secure environment.

Staff Training:
In order to continually strive to provide the best instruction and value to our families, the entire staff of Team Focus meets every week for personal and professional training.  This allows every team member the knowledge of the most advanced methods of teaching available today, maintain uniformity of training from school to school, as well as keep each of them current in their respective skill set.

Professional Meetings:
Our team meets weekly to review the proficiency of each school to maintain communication, consistency, and the development of innovative programs.   Please know that if you have any questions or concerns regarding our program, policies, or personalized training, do not hesitate to speak with one of our Instructors.   It is our privilege to have you be an integral part of the Team Focus family.

Support Staff at 4S Ranch:

“Life is truly an adventure. Taking it too seriously is like finally getting to Walley World and finding it closed.”

unnamed (2)Originally from Texas, Mr. Rey has made San Diego his home for the last 23years.  His eight years as a Marine allowed him to travel the country as well as abroad; experiencing life in Japan and Australia. With 22 years of Martial Arts experience, Mr. Rey has had the unique opportunity to train with the Shaolin Monks in China.

When Mr. Rey is not assisting at the 4S Ranch studio he spends his free time devoted to charity work. He recently left his volunteer position at Palomar Medical Center to join the Community Emergency Response Team for the San Marcos Fire Department.

Mr. Rey compares teaching students to “a parent witnessing a milestone of their child. I feel incredible happiness to be the first to see a student reach a level they never thought possible and the immense joy that I see on their face. That is why I will always be part of Team Focus, to have this incredible privilege.”

“If your young at heart, you’re never too old to start!”

unnamedA native of San Diego, Ms. Geri, a figure skating champion, is honored to utilize the discipline of her fifteen years of former training to benefit the instruction of her young students in 4S Ranch. Becoming a martial artist later in life and placing in the forms and weapons division of USSD’s National Championships, has helped to exemplify to students both young and old that you can be successful at anything, you just have to not be afraid to try, be 100% present and never give up.

Though not blessed with children of her own, Ms. Geri has become the favorite “Auntie” to many. Teaching at 4S Ranch has given her the opportunity to see children grow not only in the martial arts, but at life as well. Ms. Geri “loves to see that ‘lightbulb’ moment; when the students expression reveals such joy at their accomplishment. Training with Team focus has been an incredible confidence booster for all of our students and an incredible rewarding experience to be an instructor”.

JoeMr. Joe is a professional graphic artist by trade and creative catalyst. He brings a wealth of experience in corporate promotions and marketing, helping organizations communicate across different media while making the world a better place.

He wears several hats as a stay-at-home dad, father of three and a husband to Laarni. He discovered his passion for the martial arts and began his career in his later years after his son Eli started at Team Focus 4S Ranch. With new found enjoyment in the quality time spent training with his wife and son, Mr. Joe recognized the value in the martial arts and joined the instructor academy. He soon became a Red Belt and part of the TEAM FOCUS family… because a family that trains together, kiah’s together!

When he’s not instructing in the dojo, Mr. Joe is an active member in the community. You can find him volunteering at his children’s school, assisting various ministries at his parish, serving as a Knights of Columbus and occasionally rocking the microphone as a human beatbox on stage. We truly enjoyed his TF rap and ‘Stay at home dad’ You Tube videos!

His calm and reserved demeanor is enhanced by the level of quality of how he approaches others with respect, humility and a welcoming smile.

Mr. Joe believes that true martial arts discipline is not only practiced in the studio but as a lifestyle outside the dojo.  We are privileged to have this exemplary role model as part of our TF family!

“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” L.R. Knost


A native of San Diego, Mr. Joe started his journey in the martial arts at age 7. After 10 years of training, he had the privilege to earn a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Though offered certification to become an Instructor, Joe made the decision to follow his passion of chemistry and mathematics at Dominican University of California.

 Dedication to his research projects allowed him the opportunity to attend national and international research conferences as a presenter on local and international bird songs as well as enzymatic inhibition and its effects on medicine.  He spent his free time mentoring younger students and assisting in the Campus Ministry offices.  After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree for Environmental Chemistry in 2014, he moved back to San Diego.

After graduating, it was initially difficult to find gainful employment in his field until he received temporary lab work which became a permanent position ensuring FDA standards are met in 2015.  

 Reaching a pinnacle of his training in TKD, Mr. Joe decided to study Shaolin Kempo with USSD.  Discovering the joy of this new art form, he transitioned to the USSD Academy of Martial Arts Training and Management in early 2016.  

As a Red Belt, Mr. Joe takes pride in seeing his students develop not only as martial artists but as people. “When I was younger, having martial arts in my life made a huge impact on where I am today. Martial arts taught me not only a great deal of physical skills, but life and people skills as well. It taught me to be more patient and kind, and to treat others with that same level of kindness you would want. I want to teach my students to not only defend themselves through this versatile art, but I also want them to become people who will, ‘make the world a little less cruel and heartless’ by their character”.

“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.”  Ronald Regan

unnamedMr. Chris began his Shaolin Kempo training in the late 1980’s.  Though ready to test for his black belt in the mid 1990’s, Chris’s goal was placed on hold to fulfill a higher calling to begin an illustrious career with the Los Angeles police department.
However, his Kempo training proved to be of great use when one of his duties was to educate rookie officers with self-defense, weapon disarming, pressure points and control hold techniques.  Unfortunately, after sustaining injuries confronting an armed and formerly convicted felon that served 8 years for rape and attempted murder during a burglary, Mr. Chris was forced to medically retire in the early 2000’s.

Mr. Chris refused to stay idle for long; educating himself in the field of property management and the travel industry where he focused once again on his giftedness to teach others by training new and seasoned employees alike. It was then that he realized his passion to help people recognize their personal best and reach their full potential through the development of present and future skill sets.  
In 2009, Mr. Chris made the difficult, yet admirable decision to leave corporate America to focus his time and attention on his young son as a proud ‘Stay at Home Dad’.  It was then that Chris was reintroduced to Shaolin Kempo by USSD’s Team Focus and decided to train once again but this time, with his family.
As his son, now a brown belt in Kempo himself, enjoyed fuller days at school and activities, Mr. Chris decided it was time to start a new career; but one that combined his two passions; training and developing a team and the martial arts.  In 2016, USSD Team Focus proved to be an ideal fit.  

Mr. Chris is presently preparing to receive the black belt he worked towards so many years ago and has participated in numerous tournaments as not only a competitor, but as a judge as well.  He is presently a Red Belt Instructor, continually striving to improve value and education for both staff and students.

Mr. Eeles is looking forward to the opportunity to get to know not only our students, but their families as well and believes that “There are few greater joys in life then to be a part of helping a person recognize their own talents and ultimately exceed their own expectations.”