What is a Hero?

That is the question we asked ourselves.

When many think of a ‘Hero’, their thoughts instantly translate the definition through images of Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, as well as a myriad of fictitious characters that possess imaginary powers.

When considering ‘real world heroes’, we think about acts of valor and courage from our military, policeman, firemen, healthcare workers, and even ordinary people who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of another; even if it is a complete stranger.

Either way, according to most by their own definition, being a “hero” seems an unattainable task.

However, at Team Focus, we believe that every human being is born with the innate potential to be a hero.

And, how that potential gets fostered is Our Mission.

On April 25th, 2014, twenty of us utilized our collective talents, education, gifts, experience, and sometimes sheer sweat with the unified belief and singular purpose that we had the ability and the passion to nurture the hidden hero in everyone.

“True North”, “Inspire”, “Breakthrough”, “What was is not what is”, along with the 16 other collective team quotes that you see on our manifesto above and welcome our students and their families when they enter every school…

Those are the answers we gave ourselves.

We are more than a martial arts school.

We are more because we need to be more.  We need to be more because we believe that you can be more.

What is a Hero?  A hero is you.