Family Holiday Schedules

We at Team Focus realize how hectic the holiday season can be.  There is family in town, friends to visit, shopping to do, feasts to cook, mini vacations to take and an amended school schedule that affects the usual structure of our daily lives.  We understand because we also have family, friends, new schedules, shopping and cooking to do!

However, all of us at Team Focus believe that you are our family as well.  That is why we are committed to adjusting our school calendar to accommodate yours.

Group Classes:

For the entire month of November and December, every Dragon and Junior class will be combined, affording all the opportunity to maintain a steady class schedule even if they cannot attend their regularly scheduled class. Therefore, regardless of age, your child can attend any class Monday through Thursday as well as Saturday in the event they cannot make their own.  Also, students will be able to ‘double up’ in the weeks before or after an extended vacation.

Individualized Lessons:

As many of you may know, your child’s individualized lessons never expire.  They can be made up at any time and many parents have reserved immediate rescheduling in order to strategically utilize them to prepare for a tournament or future rank test.  These also may be scheduled at any time and during the holiday season because when our students’ schools are closed, ours will be opened with extended hours so they can make up lessons earlier in the day.

Vacation Policy:

Please speak with your Instructor regarding the school’s philosophy on short term vacations.  We believe that some structure and familiarity are necessary in order to maintain a sense of focus, discipline, and life skill set during a season that has the potential to cause the exact opposite.

Life Skill Syllabus and Fun Parties:

This is a season that we at TF will use as an opportunity to reinforce gratitude, helpfulness, education, and respect during our life skill class times.  It is our goal to ensure our students receive the best attention possible all year round yet focus more diligently to remind them of the importance of family values at this time of the year.  We will also be scheduling fun events during class time to not only reinforce social skills and friendship but to expend that extra energy they may have!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to how we can assist you this season and ensure your child doesn’t lose the opportunity of invaluable training time and fun holiday memories with Team Focus!