Mentor Month

National Mentor Month

January is National Mentor Month and USSD Team Focus would like to encourage our students to become Mentors!

A Mentor is a committed and consistent individual who provides positive help, guidance, and support to others. What a perfect opportunity to foster such an invaluable life skill than through the leadership building and self-confidence of the martial arts!

For the entire month of January, students may invite friends and family members who have never experienced the life skills that Team Focus emphasizes to all classes and be their mentor

There is no cost or obligation.

Team Focus is committed to developing not only exemplary martial artists but well rounded individuals!

  • The “Character Counts” quote of the week will center around mentoring
  • Classes will be designed to teach all students the importance of teamwork and inspire helping others
  • Invitation to become an official STORM member (Special Team of Role Models) will be announced
  • Each student that has mentored will receive special recognition for their outstanding efforts